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We, at Shalom Wisdom Academy offer supportive and inspirational environments for young enquiring minds to learn and grow with us. Our passion for learning means we achieve more than outstanding results. We strive to build confident and creative thinkers and aim at delivering an education that is truly relevant to their future.

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The Shalom Wisdom Academy aims at offering all our students a broad and balanced curriculum that provides rewarding and stimulating activities to prepare them for the best social and cultural life.


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I would highly recommend Shalom Wisdom Academy to everyone! The teachers were of great help for me to improve in my academics. The academy provided a rigorous test taking facility to make sure I was confident for all of my exams. I can assure you that Shalom can provide you with high quality teaching and guidance.

Dikshitha Subramanian

Shalom Wisdom Academy was really of great help for me. I could really see a huge difference in my academics after i joined. There are intense testing system where i was able to boost my confidence for my exams. Shalom definitely provides a high quality teaching and support for all students.


Firstly, the academy and all the people there are such a vibe. The teaching is very thorough and fun which has helped me in my studies throughtout the year. I was provided with multiple practice tests from various sources which has helped build my confidence and increase my preparedness for the board exams. I am thankful that I have enrolled myself here and glad that I was under tutilage here - I would recommend others to join as well. Cheers.

Sai Charan

Vimal George

Provides an apt environment for education and interaction with the teachers. Weekly exams conducted ensure that the students are up to date with their portions. From experience, knowledge outside textbooks is also attained from this institution


Shalom Wisdom Academy was a great help for my academics as they provided rigorous testing to make sure I was ready for all my exams whether it was the class tests or the final exams. The teachers were very helpful and gave me the leeway to understand the topics as thoroughly as possible. I can assure you that Shalom Wisdom Academy can provide you with good quality teaching and assistance.


Best tuition centre I have ever attended. Rigorous teaching techniques with regular tests to help us learn the concept and make us understand whats needed to be learnt. Everyone is so friendly and definitely recommend it for anybody from any board. Thank you Shalom



Was extremely helpful in getting A star grades in my boards. The teachers were knowledgeable and patient at the same time while clarifying doubts.



I am from Chennai , I am studying at peace academy school , I needed someone to coach me and then school suggested me this coaching centre called shalom wisdom academy ,they trained me for the 10th board exam and my results made me satisfy



did my 12th isc here , the teachers and coaching was of top class... had a lot of memories and fun.. i was able to score more than 85% in 12th with the help of the teachers and works given... overall best tuition centre <33 with experienced and friendly teachers.



started taking up classes when i was in grade 8 from shalom wisdom accademy...I developed a lot of knowledge in math and science. My graph raised up after taking up classes here..I was a below average student and now i am in the scale of 9+ grade. The teachers are very friendly and they solve my doubt whenever asked

Billabong High Pondicherry


I have been taking classes just for a year now and they have helped me immensely and raised my academic results to a commendable score. Do recommend to anyone who is looking for 1 on 1 classes and individual importance in studies. They give help in understanding concepts from the bottom all the way up IIT concepts. An Outstanding experience overall


Shalom is a really amazing tuition centre. In 10 th i was IGCSE and struggling to make the transition to 11 th CBSE. The shalom teachers were really helpful and nice in making that transition smooth and helped bringing my grades up consistently throughout 11 th and 12 th. I now secured an 88% overall (95 in chem) in my 12 th boards.



One of the best academies to learn in and also have fun while learning. Only downside is that there will be a lot of classes and during exam times it can go up to late evenings also(so dont expect holidays), so that is the reason I'm giving 4 stars. But that is a downside only from a student's perspective as it helps with the learning too. Teachers are very nice and will help at any time. Many subjects are taught here so no need for other tuitions and all for the students. Overall, the students might have a hectic time while learning, but they'll definitely look back at it as an amazing experience with a lot of good memories and they'll meet many students from many different boards and make a lot of friends



Shalom Wisdom Academy was a great help for my academics. I was very happy to passed my board exams for all subjects. Teachers were very helpful us and whatever I have doubts then, I taught the teachers to explain. Hopefully Shalom wisdom Academy is very fantastic tution and to give us to scored well and get highest marks for all subjects. ????



Shalom wisdom academy helped me so much in learning ways to study better, and helping me improve my grades tremendously. I used to dislike most of my subjects, but then once I joined shalom the teachers helped me enjoy all my classes and subjects. I ended with really good grades thanks to shalom wisdom academy. It was one of my best decisions to join shalom



highly recommend this Academy to anyone who want to start to enjoy studying or wants to do better in academics.I studied here for my AS and A Levels, my scores improved considerably because of the support shalom provided. This Academy/Tuition is one of the best one's out there.I truly enjoyed my time here,and have a lot of good memories.I have developed a sense of how to study effectively and how to approach what I study. The system at shalom is effective and helps students stay motivated. The staff keep in check to see what topic you're struggling, provide extra classes when needed and tests on topics that need to be strengthened. All the teachers are very good, and take extra effort if the student is unable to understand.If you're planning to join, I recommend you make a few classmates tag along. It's always fun and shalom provides a great environment to learn.



Wonderful place for students and excellent teachers. They teach each and every concept in detail. Exhibits great patience in clarifying doubts.Tests and practice sessions are conducted frequently, Revisions and doubt clearing session before exams. I'll refer my friends here.

Hindu Senior Secondary School

Iniya Vendan

Dedicated teachers supported by friendly student orientated management. An encouraging, lovely environment to learn.

Vimal George

Provides an apt environment for education and interaction with the teachers. Weekly exams conducted ensure that the students are up to date with their portions. From experience, knowledge outside textbooks is also attained from this institution

Andrew Devadasan

One of the best institutions for learning anything. The teachers are amazing in teaching and they are friendly. They teach every student with personal care and support us in each and every doubts. The institute care us and support us like their own children. This is the best place to learn.

Shaun Mathew

I came to know about shalom through my mom's friend, and my journey with shalom began when i was in 11th grade. My experience with shalom was very unique compared to other tuition centers, from the experienced faculty to the attention I received from my tutors. Most importantly Melsey mam's support and prayers had a huge impact on my academic performance. Shalom also helped me crack my NEET exam and by God's blessing and shalom's support, I got allotted in a medical college,which has been my dream since childhood.I once again thank Melsey mam and all the dedicated tutors for guiding me in the right path.

Abdur Rahman

This place was a piece of haven for me. The teachers were amazing and very friendly. The staff were strict but kind and would hear use students out. I would recommend this place to help you reinvigorate your live for any subject you find horrid

Sanjay Subramanian

Shalom Wisdom Academy was a great help for my academics as they provided rigorous testing to make sure I was ready for all my exams whether it was the class tests or the final exams. The teachers were very helpful and gave me the leeway to understand the topics as thoroughly as possible. I can assure you that Shalom Wisdom Academy can provide you with good quality teaching and assistance.

Varun Somasundaram

Best tuition centre I have ever attended. Rigorous teaching techniques with regular tests to help us learn the concept and make us understand whats needed to be learnt. Everyone is so friendly and definitely recommend it for anybody from any board. Thank you Shalom

Deepak Vagish

The coaching here is excellent. There are dedicated teachers here who showed no pain in answering my doubts no matter how many times I ask. The high score I received during my 12th board exams is thanks to their guidance. The full credit goes to them. Keep up the good work

Class 12 CBSE


The mere word conveys peace and in practical too the institution does it and keeps the mind of the parents in peace.Parental care friendly approach and the children become clear with the syllabus and have no fear for the exams though even though it may be the board exams .That is the confidence they get from wisdom academy.It will be good if you start other branches so that all the other children benefit like us.Wishes and prayers for this service to continue for years long and see generations

Class 8 CBSE


I have been coached for my class 10 cbse sa1 examinations by the teachers at shalom wisdom academy, and the tuition i took was really fruitful and helped me out a lot the attention I was given was certainly more than adequate,and the teachers were very supportive. The efforts taken by the teachers were good, and I thank them for all that they have given me

Class 10 CBSE

Mythili Ann

Very dedicated and sincere teachers who are always willing to help no matter what. I loved the teaching and the ambience here. Wisdom academy has helped me a lot. I am very grateful to the faculty and staff who have helped me throughout. Thank you

Class 12 CBSE

Aditya Joshua

Excellent. The organised tutorials and classes. The perfect ambience, great and experienced faculty who are very dedicated In making their students shine. So happy I decided to join the institute. Been going there from 9th grade to 12th grade. Very grateful to Melsei ma'am and all other staff who helped me excel in my endeavours very patiently and was always there for me no matter what. Keep up the good work ma'am. Good luck

Class 12 CBSE


We returned from Italy where my daughter Aparna was doing US syllabus, we approached shalom wisdom academy, for cambridge syllabus coaching for my daughter. Melsey Josphine is too kind and systematic deliverables of her team all are very professional. They monitor students performance in scientific methods and ensure corrective actions implementation plan's are accordingly gives positive and successful results. Shalom wisdom academy handle children very friendly manner and their capabilities are always supportive and constructive manner. We strongly recommend Shalom wisdom academy is the best coaching center in Chennai.

Class 12 Cambridge

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